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Problems Expanding Backup Exec Reports In IE 11

Hi there


Anyone know how to enable the possibility to expand Backup Exec Reports in IE 11 ? Works fine in 10, but not in 11.

I've tried from backup Exec 11d to 2010 R3, same problem.

Ideas ?


Kind Regards


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Hi,   Probably an



Probably an incompatibility issue.

Have you tried to save the report and use the compatibility mode in IE to open it in a different version?

Otherwise use another browser, or downgrade your version of IE...


Not workinging Chrome or

Not workinging Chrome or Firefox.

How can i choose that IE 11 should open attached HTM file in compatibility mode ? Tried to add *.htm, but makes no diference.


Kind Regards

Kim the file as *.htm and the file as *.htm and then open it. Once done, press F12 which brings up a dialogue box. Press the Browser Mode: and choose a lower version.

If this doesn't work, see if you can print to a PDF printer.

But you are most likely using an incompatible version...


Has there been a resolution

Has there been a resolution to this problem?  Craig, an incompatible version of WHAT?


I'm running windows 8.1 and IE 11, but it doesn't work with Firefox either. So is this an OS problem? is Windows 8.1 not supported? That should be corrected SOON!!!  I'm not going back to Windows 7, that's not an option...


Thanks for any help.

I have received internal

I have received internal confirmation that our Dev teams have checked reports with Backup Exec 2010 R3 and Backup Exec 2012 on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with IE 11.0 installed and all is working as expected as such anyone having problems with IE 11 and reports (or job logs) should log formal support cases for us to look into it further.

OK, so I opened a support

OK, so I opened a support case for this issue.  The FIRST thing the tech asked me to do was move the html file to another machine to see if it would open normally outside of ie 11 and windows 8.1.  Of course it opend fine and the buttons all worked.  I was then told that the html file is fine AND that Backkup Exec is working as expected.  I was also told that this would be MY problem to figure out since it is MY ie 11 that is having the issues.  The tech further told me that I would have to "play" with the ie 11 setting to see what is keeping it from displaying correctly.

So, to summarize, Symantec has stated that the issues is NOT with the code that is being generated from the product, but with MY ie 11 install and MY windows 8.1, and that it is MY problem to resolve.

So much for tech support being helpful.

Has anyone found the settings in ie 11 that are causing this issue since tech support doesn't want to do their job?



I had the same issue

I had the same issue -

Windows 8.1 & IE 11

Open the Backup Report File in IE

Hit F12 key or Select Developer Mode from Setting Menu

Change the Document mode from Edge Default to 8 ( Refer attachment for Snapshot)

And works..


Same issue with BE2012 and

Same issue with BE2012 and Chrome any ideas??

Have done some "research" on

Have done some "research" on this regarding IE. The attached html need only to have an extra line inserted at the top of the html. Origial html code: New html code: This forces IE 11 to view the page in compatiblity mode. If IE=5 in META content, then there is no prompt to "Allow Blocked Content" in IE 11 I do not know how to put Chrome or Firefox into similar mode. Symantec should use some time to make a patch that changes the way how html-code is made.

Any updates on this issue?

Any updates on this issue? I'm having the same issue with IE11 and BE2010R3 reports.

OK, being annoyed by this

OK, being annoyed by this issue for a while, I went in and checked out the Javascript code that manages the report interactivity and figured out what needs to be changed to get it to work both in IE (8-11) and Chrome.  I don't use FF, but I'd imagine the changes will work for it as well, since they're standard DOM objects and methods.

There are two Javascript functions named Expand() and ExpandAll() that control this functionality.  In order to fix the Expand() function, only one line of code needs to be changed:

var child = srcElement.parentElement.parentElement.all[srcElement.getAttribute('child',false)];

needs to become

var child = srcElement.parentElement.parentElement.querySelector("#"+th[i].getAttribute('child',false));

The querySelector() method is supported back to IE 8 and in Chrome.  I remember from my days of DHTML coding that the use of the all property is "frowned upon in this establishment" because it doesn't translate well across browsers other than IE, and even IE balks at it nowadays in some places.

As for the ExpandAll() function, it needs a few more changes.  The same change as above needs to be made to querySelector(), as well as the following block

var th = document.all.tags('TH');
for (var i=0;i<th.length;i++) {
   for (var j=0;j<th[i].all.length;j++) {
      if (th[i].all[j].tagName == 'INPUT') {
         th[i].all[j].value = image; } } }

needs to become

var th = document.getElementsByTagName('TH');
for (var i=0;i<th.length;i++) {
   for (var j=0;j<th[i].childNodes.length;j++) {
      if (th[i].childNodes[j].tagName == 'INPUT') {
         th[i].childNodes[j].value = image; } } }

Again, the all property needs to be replaced by childNodes for it to work in IE 11, and getElementsByTagName will make it work in Chrome.

Now as for applying the fix, if there's some kind of HTML or XSLT template file that's used to build the report from the source XML file, then changing the function code there will fix the issue permanently.  But if the presentation logic is coded into the BE application itself, then only Symantec can patch that for us.  I tried looking (although not very hard) for a generic template in the program folder, but didn't see anything that might be it.  If anyone knows about that, please reply and I'll test it out.  The other option is to set up a script (Powershell) on the server to run at a set interval through Task Scheduler that parses all .htm files in the Data directory and makes these changes automatically.  However, that would be correcting it after the fact, as I'm guessing the original report file would have been e-mailed out to me immediately before being stored on the server for very long.

And I don't know whether this was corrected in BE 2014.  I don't have plans to upgrade from BE 2012 yet.

For better visibility, post

For better visibility, post this as an Idea in the Ideas section

Contrary to Symantec claiming

Contrary to Symantec claiming this is fixed, here:


Job logs are not compatible with IE11 if they are saved in such environment.


This issue is resolved in Backup Exec 2014 or later versions."

I can confirm this is still not working with logs from BEWS 2014 SP2 in IE11

No surprise...


I just saved a job log from

I just saved a job log from Backup Exec 2014 SP2 and then opened it in IE11 (on the same computer)

1) It opened correctly (with a security warning at the bottom that I clicked Allow on)

2) I could expand all the containers


I then repeated the test with the saved log copied to a Windows 7 client running IE 11 (64bit) and that also allowed me to open the job log and expand the containers.


As such if this is not working for you then please log a formal support case.


Note: these tests were done with a newly run job which I saved the log from

Hi Colin, Thanks for your

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply. I too have done some further testing.

In my testing the behaviour is as follows:

FAILURE: The report displays in a fully expanded state, with an ActiveX content warning. Clicking on "Allow blocked content" causes the log report to collapse rendering it unexpandable. Or the job log appears collapsed with no ActiveX warning and remains collapsed and unusable.

The failure appears to be specific to inventory job logs, post BE 12.5 and post IE10...

Test results:

1. Win8.1 IE 11:

     BE 12.5 Inventory log: works correctly

     BE 2014 Backup job log: works correctly

     BE 2010 Inventory log: FAILURE

     BE 2014 Inventory log: FAILURE

2. Win2012R2 IE 11:

     BE 12.5 Inventory log: works correctly

     BE 2014 Backup job log: works correctly

     BE 2010 Inventory log: FAILURE

     BE 2014 Inventory log: FAILURE

3. Win7x64 IE10:

     BE 12.5 Inventory log: works correctly

     BE 2014 Backup job log: works correctly

     BE 2010 Inventory log: works correctly

     BE 2014 Inventory log: works correctly

So, this suggests that the team fixed the bug for the backup job logs in IE11 but missed the inventory job logs.



Hmm I just ran in inventory

Hmm I just ran in inventory job (on a B2D devcie) and save the job log and job history logs, then copied them to a Windows 7 system, both logs still opene and expand correctly as such I still can't reproduce against your findings, and you may still need to log a formal support case (or see if going to BE 15 solves your condition)


Are you actually saving the logs, or sending a job completion alert that contains the logs via e-mail and then opening them from the e-mail?

The failure appears to be

The failure appears to be consistent, for me, whether the log is emailed or saved from BE. I have tested this at five different sites, where I administer BE environments and the failures are consistent and specific to the inventory jobs in IE11, for logs generated post BE 12.5.

Re: Contrary to Symantec claiming

THANK YOU for finding this! Issue has been happening in out IT department to all except users.


Workaround for Windows 7 users was to simply open the preview in Outlook where everything is expanded. Problem is that with Windows 10, there is a current known issue with an error message, "The file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it." Forums seem to indicate there is not patch for it yet and any official MS support responses have gone dark since first responding.

Fingers crossed for MS coming out with a patch for Outlook that fixes the preview.


In the meantime, Windows 10 IE11 users will just have to open, F12, and swap to IE10 view to expand the boxes.

Hope this helps shorten anyone's future searches while this issue exists. Given that the issue is noted as being fixed in later versions of Backup Exec, that seems to be the best long-term solution. 

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