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Problems duplicate to 2 tape devices

We have some problems with duplicates to  2 tape drives

Running on BE2010 R2 full update

I made a policy for a backup2disk and then rules for duplicate to both tape drives.

the tape drives are 2 HP MSL2024 library's

Template 1 is the backup2disk of a vm machine.

When that job is ready there 2 templates rules running :

  • After test backup completes. start B2D to Tape 1 to duplicate the backup sets
  • After test backup completes, start B2D to Tape 2 to duplicate the backup sets

The first tapes starts directly after the b2d completes. The second tape job gets Queued.


When i do a backupjob direct to both tape drives it works fine.


Could someone help out ?


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Hello Bob,

Check the properties of the Backup to Disk folder from where the data is duplicated to Tapes. Ensure that the Concurrent Operation option is set to something like 5 concurrent jobs.

Also ensure that the Robotic Library has the required tapes so that it can be used by the other tape drive.

One more thing that missing in the information provided is that , Is the second duplicate job starts and completes successfully after the first duplicate job is completed.????





Hello Sush,   the concurrent

Hello Sush,


the concurrent jobs setting is on 16. So that should not a problem.


And yes. the second duplicate jobs starts and completes succeffully after the first duplicate job is completed.


Hello I have the same problem

Hello I have the same problem as Bob-Aces. I start a lot of b2d with duplication to tape jobs (all jobs are vm´s created through vcenter-api).  All jobs were created with one policy. The first b2d job finished an starts the duplication job. Some minutes later the second b2d has been finished, but now the second duplication job is queued. The active icon paused. When the first duplication job has been finished successful, the second duplication job will start.

The second tapedrive is not in use, only one tapedrive is in use. Overwritable tapes are enough in the tapelibrary.

I don´t know what happens?? I ask me, why should I buy a library with two tapedrives, when only one drive will be used from Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2???? 

Maybe it is a problem with the new vmware api??? All folders are named IMG.........

I have done a test with one vm backup job over vmware api, and one backup job with backup exec remote agent. Both jobs starting and stopping concurrently. And now both tapedrive will be used for both duplication jobs. So one source was IMG..... folder and one source were bkf files.

I hope the informations help us to find a solution. 


ER: Hello I have the same problem

Is the duplicate job pointed at the tape drive, or at the library?

As Sush mentioned, make sure that the B2D folder has concurrent access set to more than one - five should work fine