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Problems with VSS

I am attempting to Backup a Windows 2003 Server SP2.
I have three disk partitions C,D and E.
I am using the Advanced Open File Option with the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service and the Snapshot Provider = Automatic.
It looks like I can quite happily get a snapshot of my D and E partitions but the snapshot of C fails.
The errors I get in the Application Log are VSS - 12310 (The shadow copy could not be committed - operation timed out) and also VSS - 12298.
The error I get in the System Log is VolSnap - 8 (The flush and hold writes operation on volume C: timed out).
The next thing I tried was to create shadow copies from the command line using :
vssadmin create shadow /For=C:
vssadmin create shadow /For=D:
vssadmin create shadow /For=E:
Again I was unable to create a shadow copy of C: but D: and E: worked fine.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what is going on ?
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Re: Problems with VSS

Peter, did you ever find a solution to this problem, I have the same issue with 2 of our servers, this problem is intermittent for me, also when its playing up vssadmin list writers is taking an age to display them around 45 mins.

I'm suspecting a rouge VSS filter causing problems, do you use any software such as sophos av, or acronis trueimage etc etc?





Re: Problems with VSS

Hi Guys,


Just as a suggestion, MS issued a VSS update to fix some problems.