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Proper way to restore only Active Directory after W2K3 rebuild

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Hello, I am planning a rebuild of a W2K3 domain controller with serious issues, there is corruption that has potentially affected the server's system files and the System State. I'm not sure when they occurred, so I'm doing a rebuild instead of a restore. It is the only domain controller in the relatively small environment. I do know, however, that the Active Directory hosted by this server is operating normally and is in good health. I also have an Exchange 2003 server in this environment. I'd like to rebuild the server with the same name, (presumably) run a DCPROMO, and restore the Active Directory to it. Is there a proper set of steps for doing this via BENT 9.1, or am I better off simply making another server a DC, doing the rebuild, then re-promoting this server to DC status? Thanks for your help.

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I would say build another server and promote it, then transfer the master roles over to it. Then you can do whatever you want with the bad one, and you will know if your AD is ok or not.