Protect Windows Server 2019 with Veritas Backup Exec 20.3!

Veritas is pleased to announce that Backup Exec 20.3 can protect the Windows Server 2019.

This means that If I install the released bits of Windows server 2019, then I could install Veritas Backup Exec 20.3 on it and start using it immediately. 

Windows 2019..png


You can also use Windows Server 2019 server to install Backup Exec Agent as well as options and components listed below:

  • Protection for remote Windows Server 2019 computers.
  • You can Install/Manage a RAC on Windows server 2019.
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR), which recovers the entire Windows Server 2019 server from a bare metal state.
  • Support of Dual ADK  in Windows server 2019
  • Backup and recovery of the latest Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 platform.
  • Protection for resilient file system (ReFS), NTFS & Dedupe Volumes.
  • Support for the current versions of Microsoft applications like SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and SharePoint Active directory for application item level GRT on Windows Server 2019.


How did we go about supporting Windows Server 2019?

We had been actively working with Windows Server 2019 builds for quite some time now. We tested technical preview releases and prepared ourselves to support the final release. Our testing efforts for Windows Server 2019 Server began almost 6 months ago with validation of pre-release builds. We executed manual as well as automation test suites on each pre-release build. Performed Functionality validation on features such as core Backup and Restore, Simplified Disaster Recovery, Hyper-V, and Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Active directory, and SQL server.

We have qualified more than 20 plus Windows Server 2019 Server pre-release builds with different configurations, such as Windows Server 2019 failover cluster, Windows Server 2019 DFS, storage pools, and ReFS. Backup Exec 20.3 has been tested with all versions of Windows Server 2019 Server, such as Datacenter, Essentials, Standard, and Hyper-V Edition.

Qualification of Internal Build of Windows Server 2019 builds started right since February 2018 and continued till Windows server 2019 GA in November 2018. We were not only able to catch potential issues in our product but also were able to identify and worked with Microsoft to resolve Windows issues.

So, what are you waiting for?

Deploy Windows Server 2019 today, without waiting for backup to catch up! There is no need to take the old approach of waiting until late in the game to start implementing a new server OS. You can immediately start protecting Windows Server 2019 with Veritas Backup Exec 20.3.



Great! Backup Exec 20.3 can protect the Windows Server 2019.

Hi Taresh,

Windows Active Directory 2019 GRT is not supported!
Backup Support for current Share Point Version (and even GRT for Release -1) is not given!

Please verifiy your Post with!

Veritas Backup Exec is getting more and more useless.
Support for some old Microsoft Products (released in 2016) is more than 3 years behind!



I am ready to upgrade dozens of servers to Windows Server 2019.

There are posts regarding support for 2019 OS and 2019 Roles but why not support for Windows Active DIrectory 2019 WITH GRT first!?

Is it just me that upgrades ADDS first?

Please clarify for me and provide a timeline on GRT support please.




Hi Matt,

it´s not only you wanting to update ADDS first.

We are MS Gold Partner and i would realy like to use current products (Windows Server, Sharepoint, Exchange ...).

But vertias has no support or no agents for some of the current MS releases.
Sharepoint 2016 GRT is still not supported and they don´t even think about support for Sharepoint 2019 (they thought onpremise would be dead).

I had some problems with sharepoint restore last month.
But i think now, i don´t realy need vertias for some job.
I don´t need to spend money in outdated products.

With sharepoint 2016 or 2019 it easy to restore items from an unattached database.
Very easy, just a few powershell cmd´s and you are done.

I can´t beleive that veritas is still not able to restore Sharepoint 2019 or even 2016 GRT...

We are MS Gold Partner and, as you know, it is a requirement to be on the lastest software release.

I was able to get around the DC GRT via the registry workaround, seems to be working.

With Sharepoint not being supported it is going to be difficult/impossible to upgrade/migrate our TFS environment. :/

Basically, if they can't resolve these issues in the next few months I will be forced to look at other options.