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Pushed CPS agent/components to server, server not available


After a successfull installation of Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, I started to push the CPS components wizard.

The first server installed correct, and I am able to run a backup job.


But the second server is giving a problem. The CPS components wizard completed without errors.

But when I look at the setup overview, both Operation System and Version isn't displayed.

The server shows it properties, like general info, volum information and IP number.


When I want to create a job, I am not able to browse the server.


The server is behind a firewall, but ports 20841, 20483, 20845 and 1804 are available.

Also all the ports for making the server a member server in a domain.

(the first server has the same rules and don't have this issues.)

As a test, I opened all ports between the media server and the member server.

I have also done a reinstallation of the components.

The problems is still there.


Does anybody know what goes wrong here?


Thank you!




4 Replies

1 Was the installation

1 Was the installation "pushed" from the CMS console? If so, uninstall/reboot, then install the CPA agent locally.

2 Also what version of CPS is this?

1.) The installation was

1.) The installation was pushed from the CMS console. I have removed the installation and reinstalled it locally. Unfortunately this didn't help, still having the same problem. 2.) Both administration console and management service have build number: 13.0.420.3302 (Symantec Backup Exec 2010) Also did a rxping from the server and from the CMS server, both responded with: Testing ICMP Ping. ICMP Ping Successful... Testing ENL connectivity. ENL PING SUCCESSFUL. Testing JCD connectivity. JCD Connect successful. Another strange thing, I am not able to enter my Agent license key. And it does not display it is running in Demo mode.

1 Try to disable the firewall

1 Try to disable the firewall & see if that helps

2 Also try enter any remote agent licenskey key while installing CPA & see if that works


Thank You

Check you have your master defined as gateway in client registry


Check that youhave HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Symantec\ENL\Network.TCPIP\gateway (defined and pointing to master CPS server with a name/ip that can be resolved.

After defining that recycle CPS services.