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[Q] Backup DAG Microsoft Exchange size mismatch

Level 3


I backup Exchange DAG with incremental and full backup(one at week) on disk storage device(no TAPE library at all).

The FULL backup of Exchange DAG report 278GB of total data backed up in the monitor window, at the end of backup.

The same size of 278GB shows on the disk storage, directory IMG000600, IMG000601 ...and so on.

The backup is not compressed(compression == none)

When I go to "all storage" -> "Backup Sets" it shows that I have backed up about 451GB not 278GB as reported in the monitor window.

I think the catalog size is also included(175GB + 278GB = 452GB), but the curious thing is that clicking on the individual entries shows more DB files(.edb) with different size.

That I know, Exchange does not compress database files by itself. Why this difference in size between the two views in Backupexec 15?

This is a FULL backup.

Please, see the screenshots attached.



Level 3


Please upload the job log for the backup sets seen in the screenshot for review.

Let me know if you are running Backup Exec 15 FP5 version or lower. If you not running BE 15 FP5 please update to FP5 and confirm if you still see the difference in the size.


I thought I had written it, the job log says the same thing in byte. Summary says: 298.245.868.374 byte

Yes, I've read something about fp ... but my BackupExec 15 is version 14.2 without fp, clean.

However, it was just my curiosity. I think it is a minor bug. Until now, the DB/mailbox restore has never been a problem.




Thought I would throw this in since it sounds like the OP and I have the questions/issues.

I started a thread:

I'm hoping that the converastion continues...