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Quantum Superloader 3 / Backup Exec 21

Level 2

Does anyone have a Quantum Superloader 3 working with the Microsoft "Unknown Medium Changer" driver on Windows Server 2012 R2 with BE 21?  I was able to get the loader to work acceptably (unusual problems every week or two) with an older Quantum driver, but following the recommendations in the BE21 manual/technotes, I'm not able to get it to work with the Microsoft driver.

When using the Microsoft driver the loader and internal drive are detected by Backup Exec, but as separate devices and the loader does not function correctly like this (no device available, etc. when attempting to perform operations).

I did some digging and it sounds like this may be due to Quantum assigning LUN 0 to the drive and LUN 1 to the loader (and I can't find any way to change that).  Per the BE manual the loader should be LUN 0 and drive LUN 1...




Did you try to install tape loader driver?

SuperLoader3 Firmware | Support | Quantum

I did, thank you, but with the same results (tape drive and loader are detected in BE as two separate devices and do not function correctly).

Level 2

Hi mbrill1,

I am curious what driver you are using for the medium changer, can you let me know?  I have been having a similar issue with my Superloader 3 when we updated to version 21.

Are you also using the IBM Ultrium 7 HH for the tape driver or a different one?

This would be greatly helpful as I haven't been able to do month end compliance WORM backups since having this issue and Veritas support has not been able to resolve this. 

Hi TechBacon,

Yes, we have the IBM Ultrium 7 HH in our loader also.  Unfortunately the only way I've been able to get this loader to work "mostly reliably" with BE21 was by using the 2003/2008 driver from Quantum for the loader (  The LTO7 drive is using the built-in MS driver version 6.3.9600.18817.

I'm using firmware V96.0 on the loader and G9Q5 on the LTO7 drive.  I was not able to get the drive firmware to upgrade at least via the loader web interface.


Thank you for respond, Matt.

I will check out this configuration and let you know how it goes. I have been going back and forth with Quantum and Veritas for a long time on this and even if this config is "mostly reliable" it will be much better than not at all.