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Quantum Superloader 3 issues

Level 4
I have recenlty replaced my Quantum Ultra 3 tape drive with a Superloader 3.

It is running Windows 2003 SR2 SP2, on VM Ware 3.5.  Backup Exec 12.5 SP2

In VMWare Infrastructer client I see the media changer and tape drive as vmhba1:5:0 LUN 0 and 1:5:1 LUN 1
In Windows 2003 I see the medium changer Quantun SDLT/DLT Superloader (Quantum Drivers loaded) Tapeinst.exe has been run but will not find the autoloader to install Symantec drivers.
And tape drives I see Quantum 3 SCSI device (Symantec Drivers v 5.1)

In BE, I see the superloader show up under robotic libraries, and stand alone drives the tape drive shows up. 
I ran device configuration wizard and chose config robotic libraries, and moved the tape drive under the robotic library (It said <unkown device>)

NOW the issue. I cannot get BE to recognize the media.  the tapes are exsting from the previous backup jobs.  And are in exsisting media set.
The slots show unknown media.  (I have two tapes in the magazine)
How do I recognize the media?
When I run an inventory on the slot it just runs forever, and the autoloader shows idle on the front panel, and web interface.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
When the inventory job runs, do you see any events in the system event log, related to SCSI hardware errors? Also, what driver is installed for the medium changer? Make sure it has Microsoft driver installed. Make sure RSM service is stopped and disabled.


Level 4

I got it to read the tape sin the slots.
Unfortunaelty I had the VM guest crash and had to rebuild it.