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Question - Capacity planning for BE and CPS

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I have just assumed responsibility for backups for our company and am new at this. We have 4 copies of BE 11 running on different servers doing full backups each night to tape. Other servers copy folders to these machines each night so they can be put on tape. I want to build a new BE 12.5 media server and start using CPS to protect our Exchange and SQL servers. I plan on backing up all servers to disk and then to tape. Is there a formula I can use to estimate how much disk space I will need on the media server? Is there a best practice that states how often to take a CPS snapshot of the SQL databases? Is there a guide on how much disk space these snapshots will require? If I have 6 databases on 3 different SQL servers, is there a volume/folder recommendation for the CPS images? Thanks for your opinions.