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Question about Backup Exec "Agent for VMware and Hyper-V" licensing

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I was under the impression that 3 licenses meant that I could back up 3 VMs.

We have 3 different Vcenters. I am backing up one VM on each one.

I noticed that Backup Exec allowed me to select as many VMs as I wanted in the job selection.

So now I am a little bit confused. What does 3 licenses actually mean.

So I have 3 clusters (each with its own Vcenter) with 2 hosts each and a total of 20 VMs.

Does 3 licenses mean
1) One license per VCenter, unlimited VMs per Vcenter?
2) One license per Host, unlimited VMs per host? (so I would need 3 more licenses)
3) One license per VM. (the way the Windows Agent worked)

Unfortunately I can not find this information anywhere online. The documentation is vague. Doesn't really explain it.


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What is the agent licence that you have?

It is called "Agent for VMware and Hyper-V"

I believe it is for "Host"


VERITAS Backup Exec Agent for VMware and Hyper-V - On-Premise license + 1
Year Essential Support - 1 host server

This is what the quote called it. 

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This licence is per host.  You can backup unlimited VM's on each licenced host.

If you need GRT for applications within each VM, like Exchange, SQL databases, then you also need to have one Agent for Applications and Databases licences per instance of such applications/databases.

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Agent for VMware/Hyper v comes with unlimited agents for windows & linux forthat specific host. it means you can b/up unlimited VMs on that host. BUT if those VMs also has APP/DB such as SQL,Sharepoint , Exchange , AD and if you want to do granular recovery you will need tat many agents for APP/DB so say for example if hypervisor is having 4 VM out of which 1 is File server , 1 Linux , 1 Exchange , 1 SQL. Then they will need

1 x Agent for VMware/HyperV

2 x Agent for APP/DB

1x BE Server Edition License


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3 Licenses mean 3 ESXi servers.
You can backup unlimited Linux or Windows file-level VMs on the 3 ESXi servers.

Any Applications or Databases will need license per VM. 

BE Licensing Guide:

Read the examples on page 11 under this topic: Custom Edition (à la carte)