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Question on BE 2012

I just started reading about BE2012.

From what I read, I am troubled. I backup 35 servers in 4 jobs. I must be reading wrong. If I go to BE2012 I am going to have to fuss cli commands to setup job to run these 35 servers?? You got to be kidding right.




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Hi There due to backupexec

Hi There due to backupexec server centric approach in be2012 if you have 35 server and you are backing up to tape drive then you can chain them using cme please check the link which describes this I will suggest you to install BE2012 on a test machine and then use it and check how it fits in to your enviorment,please check the link below which shows differences in be2012. Thanks

BE 2012 is server-centric, so

BE 2012 is server-centric, so you would need at least one job to backup one server.  Using BEMCLI is just one way to manage these jobs, not the only one.  See my article below