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Questions on upgrading Backup Exec from 2012 to 15

Hi all,

I am currently running Backup Exec 2012 (SP4) on a Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.

My plan is the following:

  1. I would like to upgrade my existing server to Backup Exec 15 (I have the ISO and license files).
  2. Once upgraded, I would like to migrate this Backup Exec installation to new server hardware.

Questions for you on the 2012 --> 15 upgrade:

  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to perform this upgrade?
  2. What should I backup first and what steps should I follow to perform the upgrade?

Once the upgrade is complete, I have new server hardware running Server 2012 R2 x64, and I need to migrate my Backup Exec installation over to this server.

Questions on the migration:

  1. Are there any documents or articles on how to migrate my Backup Exec installation to new server hardware and a newer OS?

Thanks for your assistance

2 Replies

You should read these

You should read these documents

The upgrading process is rather simple.  You just run the installation DVD on the media server.  Make sure that you have made a copy of the Data and Catalog directories under the BE installation directory before you do the upgrade, so that you can revert if need be.


In addition to the above

In addition to the above comment make sure...

1) You have BE15 license handy, if not call Symantec Licensing Team to obtain a copy.

2) Once upgrade is done run live update multiple times to install all the latest updates.

3) Once all the updates are installed on the media server than push install updates on the remote

server to update the remote agent.