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Queued backups to OST devices.

I have recently upgraded Backup Exec from 2010 to 2014 and use two ExaGrid devices for deduplication and replication. I currently have 5 OST devices on the local Exagrid device for local backup sets and 5 OST devices on the remote ExaGrid device for replication. After the upgrade only one active job will run to an OST device no matter how many concurrent connections I have set for the devices. The rest of the jobs list a status of "Active:Queued". Even the duplicate jobs that track the repliction between ExaGrid devices will stop any other backup job from running forcing the backups way outside of the backup window.


Has anyone else incountered this or have suggestions on how to correct this job queuing issue?

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Same server? Same Windows

Same server?

Same Windows operating system?

Same Exagrid version and plugin?

It sounds like your concurency is set to 1, even though it shows otherwise.  Can you try increasing the concurency by one, bounce BE services and try again?  Maybe something is borked in the BE database.

Can you post your adamm.log?  maybe that will give a clue.

Same server and OS (Win 2008

Same server and OS (Win 2008 R2) and the ExaGrid Plugin is the same version (ExaGrid_OSTPlugin.V11. as well. When I noticed the issue after the upgrade to Backup Exec 2014 I increased the OST connections from 8 to 10 to see if made a differance which it did not at the time.

I will drop the connections down to 5 and restart the services to give it another go.

How long ago did you do the

How long ago did you do the upgrade?  Is BE busy doing OST housekeeping in the background?  The usually results in all jobs being queued (rather than your report of only 1 job will run).

Can you create a new LSU and see if you can run multiple jobs simultaneously to that?

It is sounding like you may need to call BE tech support about this.

I removed and recreated the

I removed and recreated the OST device in BE last night and that solved the issue.