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Queued forever

Level 4

I have a customer that recently got a new DAT 72 HP Drive for his server, he only has Veritas version 8.6. I have installed veritas several times in the past but cant seem to get this one right.

I have installed the program
I have installed the veritas drivers
The drive appears in Veritas with no problems
Everything looks good.

However if I try anything, such as erase, format, backup, inventory etc. The activity monitor says running at first, then it goes backed to Queued and just sits there forever, the only way to stop it is to cancel the job. Problem is its not telling me anything iswrong in the log.


Level 6
From the Devices tab, are both the server and the device Online and Ready?

Level 4
Yes it is,

I reality it all looks great.
I have installed veritas 50 times in the past so I know where to look usually when issues arise.
Its online
The veritas drivers are installed
it is not in a pause state
I even ran the HP Diagnostic tools on the drive itself and updates the firmware still nothing.

I am wondering if perhaps the drive is not compatible with veritas 8.6 HP StorageWorks DAT 36/72 GB Internal Tape Drive SUA 1500 SCSI - LVD Manufacturer # Q1522B.