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Quick troubleshooting with Backup Exec 20.4

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Backup Exec 20.4 accelerates troubleshooting with proactive, enhanced debug logs

Supportability is a key design philosophy for Backup Exec. This means that we want to minimize any risk of disruption to backup environments, independent of whether the root cause is external or internal. Backup Exec 20.4 can help further reduce disruption by enabling proactive debug log collection through a new job option that allows Technical Support to accelerate their investigation. Debug logs are generated by Backup Exec services, when a backup or restore job is in progress. These logs are helpful for support in analysing the root cause for failure. Gathering these logs used to be a manual process that required editing registry values or launching SGMON, that needed to be kept running while the job was in progress. This process required intervention from a Technical Support Engineer and was also time-consuming.

Backup Exec 20.4 introduces a new proactive way of performing enhanced debug logging prior to calling Technical Support, thereby improving and automating the process.

A newly introduced menu option in the Backup Exec 20.4 user interface enables you in using the feature and helps in saving time spent in collecting debug logs.

How can I use this feature?

Here are steps to enable debug logging:

  1. From the Backup and Restore tab, double-click the resource container and check the Jobs From the list, right-click the job that you want to run with debugging enabled and then click Run with Debugging Enabled


  This option is also available from Jobs and Job Histories under the Job Monitor tab.


  1. If the job does not have a schedule defined, you can use these options to run the job immediately

         If the job has a schedule defined, you can decide if you to run the job immediately or as per                    schedule.Then, click OK


  1. After the job is completed with debugging enabled, the job log displays a new section Debug log details for the job, in which the names of debug log files are displayed.


There are separate sections for media server and remote servers. Technical Support Engineers will be able to analyse the logs to accelerate troubleshooting of any potential issues.


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