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RALUS for HP-UX 11

Level 4

Not familiar with UNIX at all. But need to isntall remte agent on HP-UX 11.  Any suggestions? 


Level 4
Thank you, but I already checked the compatibility list before I purchased the remote agent for HP-UX11.  My questions is why don't I see an option to push the remote agent for UNIX/Linux like one for Windows?  Do I need to install the agent locally?

Level 6
Employee Accredited
The push feature is only available to Windows based systems.  You will need to copy the installation locally.  You can find the download at and enter your license for RALUS.  Once you have downloaded and copied the file the HPUX server you will need to extract the file.  now navigate to the directory where the files were extracted and run ./installralus.  Also please verify that you have the hotfix for HP-UX applied, if you are using version 11.11.