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RALUS - no compression ?

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I am trying to backup data located in a NETGEAR READYNAS 2100.
I have installed the Backup Exec-addon in the NAS and added the RALUS in my Backup Exec Media Server.

Versions used: Backup Exec 12.5.

I am trying to backup about 575 GB of data, to a LTO3 autoloader.
However, something is messed up. The target device is a partition on the autoloader, consisting of 2 x LTO3 media (400/800).
Compression type set to: "Hardware, if available, otherwise none".

After about 470 GB has been backup up, I receive a message telling me to insert media.

When I check the tapes in the partition, it says, for each tape:
"Used capacity: 389,7GB of 390,9GB
Data: 200 GB"

The value in the Data-field is different each time I run the job, but always about 200 GB.

That is a very big problem for me !

The same mediaserver manages backup jobs for 12 Windows servers, and those jobs works perfectly, many of them spanning multiple tapes with an average compression rate of about 1,2:1.

I have read posts on the forum, and it seems there are others who have the same problem, altough maybe not with the same combination of hardware/software, but I can´t find a solution to the problem.


Please help me :(



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The native (uncompressed) capacity of a LTO3 tape is 400GB so the used capacity numbers are correct.  Your NAS has nothng to do with your problem.  You should check your data.  If you have a lot of compressed data, like zipped files, movies and sound clips, then compressing them may result in a bigger file.  See my article below on this subject

You might want to turn off compression and see what result.  You may be able to store more onto your tapes if you have a lot of compressed files.