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RAWS Bulk Upgrade and Update utility for BE 2010 R2?

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According to Article TECH144101:

one of the post-requisites after installing Hotfix 144101 (for Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164) is:

***Remote Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this hotfix.***


Back when it was 12.5, there was a "Remote Agent for Windows Systems Bulk Upgrade and Update Utility":

so that we could upgrade/update RAWS after applying a service pack or a hotfix to the media server.


Is there a version of "RAWS Bulk Upgrade and Update Utility" for BE 2010 R2?

If not, then how do we update all our RAWS?



PS  If there's no Bulk Upgrade and Update Utility for BE 2010 R2, I figured I would hold off on applying the hotfix until there's some easier way to update RAWS. smiley


Employee Accredited Certified

Unfortunately the Bulk Update utility is not included in the BE2010 or BE2010 R2.

If you want to update the remote agent you will have to either push out updates or 

manually install them.

Level 4

Looks like bulk update utlity is integrated in the BE 2010 as against an executable used with BE 12.5

If you want to push hotfixes or remote agents to multiple server

-  Navigate to Tools > Install agents and media servers on other servers

- Click on the down arrow next to the Add button and you can select  Multiple computers where the remopte agent or the hotfixes can be pused , you can manually add individual servers, Browse the servers from the network or Import it from a list created on a textfile

- You can continue with the bulk install after you select all the servers that you are intending to push the hotfix/remote agent on similar to what the bulk utility would have done for you .

Partner    VIP    Accredited could do this in BE 12.5 too! This functionality hasn't changed between the versions.