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Ralus agent not publishing to new BE2010 media server

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We are in the process of creating a new BE 2010 media server (Running Windows Server x64 2008 R2) and have come across an issue which is preventing us from moving away from our old BE 12.5 machine (running Windows Server x64 2003 R2)

We run Sun Solaris OS on a very small number of servers, and the old one with the Sun Sparc architecure is publishing itself to our new media server.  (Hurrah!)

The problem is that after installing the new ralus agent on two other Sun Solaris machines (HP boxes with x86 architecture) they are not publishing themselves.  Please note that the ralus agent appeared to install properly and the service is running.

We did have a theory about IPV6 not being installed on the Media server, but now it has been enabled and still no joy. 

If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful.



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Hav you tried to add the machines manually to BEWS (just make a right click on the "User defined Selections" in you Selection List and choose "Manage user defined selections" then add the IP and try to access it this way.

Hope that helps,

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The 2010 SCL says that Solaris 10 on x64 is supported.   Don't run anything like that myself, so if no-one else steps in, you may  be down to opening an incident with Symantec


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You can also try running the Bulk Agent Update utility to check to make sure you're connecting to the agents OK - as Oliver pointed out, using the IP of a server to test authentication occasionally works where a netbios name does not - I've had similar behavior in 12.5 to Windows XP clients that complain about invalid credentials when the connection is tested using their netbios names, but works fine using the IP.