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Re-using BE silver license on new hardware

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Hi All, 

I work for a Managed Service Provider and we have a customer with a Windows 2012 staging server running BE20.6 with a 10 slot LTO-5 tape library. Both pieces of hardware are out of warranty. They've got 6x 1Tb BE Silver licenses, so they'd like to replace the hardware with a new staging server and a new LTO-6 library. 

I'm assuming the plan needs to be

- Remove the license from the legacy server (I'd like to keep it running so we can continue to do restores from the existing tapes until the retention period on the new server has passed). 

- Set up the new server and install and configure BE20.6

- Generate a new license so the new server is properly licensed


My questions are:

- How do I de-license the existing server (if indeed I need to?)

- There are ~10 existing servers on the network, which already have BE agents on them. Do I need to remove and re-deploy or will these connect to the existing server


I'm assuming I can't use the BE Migration tool because we'll be using a new library and tapes, so there's no point in attempting to use that.


Any and all comments/advice welcome! 






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To answer your questions:

1. You need a license for the old server if you're going to use it to restore backups from if I remember correctly. The Veritas licensing guide will confirm this, and if it doesn't their licensing department definitely will.

2. This TN below should help you in moving the config from the old to new server:

How to migrate Backup Exec to another server with a different Windows OS version. (