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Re-visiting old issues for resolution

I haven't been on here for a while... everything is different on the forum.... I had the following issues that appear to never have been resolved by Symantec. I did a search here and found no updated information unless I'm looking in the wrong forum....
1) Hot Fix 14 causing D2T slowness in Exchange 2007... Last I heard was that Hotfix 22 fixed this for some people but broke it for exchange 2007 users.
2)Memory leak in beremote.exe eating up ram and page file.
3) IMG files have to be manually deleted if you don't set the reserve... Still something we have to live with?
We are still at Hotfix 13
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Re: Re-visiting old issues for resolution

1)  Still a probem AFAIK.  The Engineering team has been working on it for quite a while
2)  No Idea
3)  This is still "by design"  and Symantec has shown no indication that it will be re-visited