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Receiving error: e000846b for every backup job

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Just started with the backup last night. None of my scheduled backup ran each one came back with the error "The resource could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent. Make sure that the Remote Agent is running on the target computer.""

The error code which is punched out is "e000846b"

I have restarted all services on Backup server and the "Backup remote agent for windows system" on a few remote servers. Although the job fails when I retry it. None of the account permissions have changed, although I have checked them in AD to confirm.

I have checked for Backup Exec live update however it comes back with an internet access error. Though I can reach/ping all servers. Not too sure of where to go from here. I have read that I may need to reinstall Backup Agent which I could understand if it was one or two servers but all 7 at the same time stop working, seems strange.


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Hi there,

Did you perhaps upgrade your media at any stage without pushing the RAWS agent out to your servers again? If you did, but didn't push out the RAWS agent again, do has a number of updates to agents that get pushed out at the same time.
It could also be a permissions issue on that server, so add your service account in to the Local Admins groups on the affected servers.