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Reclaiming space from deduplication folder/Inventory fails with error e000e005

Level 2

Backup Exec Appliance 3600R4
Backup Exec 15, ver. 14.2 rel. 110.3160
Win2008R2 Storage Server

Backup Sets is empty in Deduplication Storage, but crstats.exe --verbose --convert-size give me
(Catalog Logical Size not empty):

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec>crstats.exe --verbose --convert-size
Info [0000000000848AF0]: set log options successfully.
Info [0000000000848AF0]: collecting statistics data ...
Info [0000000000848AF0]: sessionStartAgent: Server is Version 7.0007.0216.062, Protocol Version 6.6.1
Info [0000000000848AF0]: collecting statistics data was complete
Storage Pool Raw Size=5.5TB
Storage Pool Reserved Space=223.6GB
Storage Pool Size=5.2TB
Storage Pool Used Space=3.1TB
Use Rate=59%
Storage Pool Available Space=2.2TB
Catalog Logical Size=885.3GB
Catalog files Count=1369
Container Number=22340
Container Average Size=130.4MB
Space Allocated For Containers=2.8TB
Space Used Within Containers=2.6TB
Deduplication Ratio=0.3
Space Available Within Containers=133.8GB
Space Need Compaction=31.7GB
Records Marked For Compaction=797952
Active Records=29013876
Total Records=29811828

Also when running an inventory on a Deduplication Storage - Inventory fails with errors e000e005 and 0xe000e006:

1 OST00000001-499FFF3E32E63EBA OST00000001-499FFF3E32E63EBA WORM Appliance_Dedupe_SYMANTEC:1
3 OST00000003-499FFF3E32E63EBA OST00000003-499FFF3E32E63EBA WORM Appliance_Dedupe_SYMANTEC:1
5 OST00000004-499FFF3E32E63EBA OST00000004-499FFF3E32E63EBA WORM Appliance_Dedupe_SYMANTEC:1
8 OST00000008-499FFF3E32E63EBA OST00000008-499FFF3E32E63EBA 0xe000e006 Appliance_Dedupe_SYMANTEC:1
31 OST00000031-499FFF3E32E63EBA OST00000031-499FFF3E32E63EBA 0xe000e006 Appliance_Dedupe_SYMANTEC:1

No NTFS or Disk Related error event on Client OS , Backup Exec Server

Run dcscan --verify -q -H -a, not error. - not work for me.

 Any ideas?

upd:two weeks have passed since I deleted backup sets


Employee Accredited Certified
Run an inventory and catalog on the storage. Sometimes, due to some error the media may still remain for some sets in the storage.

Catalog can help to read such sets and if they show up in the console, you can expire them from UI


If the intention is to start fresh, just disable delete the dedupe storage from BE console and create a new one on the D drive of the appliance. You may need to disable critical system protection in order to delete old storage from file system before starting with a new one.

Thanks, Gurvinder

I deleted and created a new dedupe storage.

Сan I manually delete an Dedupe old folder ?

Employee Accredited Certified

yes, if you do not need it anymore.