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Recommendations for disaster recovery



I'm running the SBS edition of 10.1d.  I'll be upgrading next year, but in the meantime I'm reviewing the backup/recovery plan we have.


We have a robotic drive connected to the server (40xLTO4 tapes).


If the server fails, and the Veritas database is lost, how do we get back to a recovery point?

Eg, I've 40 800Gb tapes.  I cant re-index them all.


IDR is used on the server, but how will that help if Veritas itself doesnt know what tape to use to do the recovery from?


I've been thinking the best way is to ensure that the Veritas database and files are backed up to a seperate media set. But maybe this isnt the best way.




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Re: Recommendations for disaster recovery

I just saw this, but maybe you still might be looking for an answer.


First, nice hardware. Are you only backing up one SBS server?


Personally, I really suggest combining an imaging solution with a backup solution. Symantec has System Recovery 8.5 which would get the server back up and running, even on dissimilar hardware. You can then backup your image to tapes as well as your data.


If you were to lose your database and you needed to recover, your .id disk should help you determine what disk to use, provided you have labeled your tapes or use barcodes. If you are like me and do not bother to keep your .id disk up-to-date, it helps to use a logical setup for your slots. By knowing what data is where, you can run the IDR and not need the .id disk.


You can look at these posts where I have given some sample configurations for autoloaders:


I am also going to send you a private message.