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Recover Dedup Backup Sets From MMS when CASO is offline

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I have Backup Exec 2014.1 V-Ray CAS installed at my main data center (site 1) and I have a deduplication storage system set up there.

I also have a MMS backup exec server at my COLO (site 2) with a second deduplicatoin storage system. After each backup job at site 1, the backup sets are duplicated to site 2. I was told when I purchased this system that I would be able to restore at site 2 in a DR situation where my CAS at site 1 would fail. 

I have conducted tests by disconnecting the CAS at site 1 from the network and tried to restore data sets at site 2, I was met with errors saying there was no communication to the CAS and restores would not be possible. I have since contacted support and was given documentation on how to convert the MMS to a CAS to attempt restores, however in my research this isn't possible because the catalog information is stored on the CAS the way that mine is set up. 

My Questions:

1. With all that I have here is it possible to make the MMS restore backup sets without a connection to the CAS?

2. Do I have to change the way that the backup sets are cataloged?

3. Will running a device inventory and catolog on the MMS server's deduplication drive when it's disconnected from the CAS and converted to a CAS let me restore backup sets? 




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You need to convert the MMS to an unmanaged BE server, catalog the dedup folder and then do the restore.

Awesome. Glad there is a way at least. We'd only use this in an extreme Disaster situation. I wish I'd be able to test it without ruining my current set up.

Currently the deduplication catalog is on the main CAS, do I need to change to replicated cataloging?