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Recover files from cancelled backup set, where tapes were accidentally also scratched.

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Owing to a comedy of errors I've found myself in the following situation;

  • Weekend full backup of a Mac servers attached storage had hung over the weekend. Monday morning JrAdmin see this, notes it's almost completed and decideds to cancel the job and send tapes offsite.
  • Team discovers they need file from Friday, recall tapes to restore.
  • JrAdmin somehow accidentially scratched tapes when putting them in to restore (also didn't use write protect tab)
  • Tapes show that they have data, but no backup sets. Start off Catalog and Inventory. Taking a very long time but watching the progress, the files I need are included.

My question is, once the catalog is complete, will I beable to restore any files even though the backup set doesn't show? Is there any way to access these files from the tape?



Running a catalog can be slow.  But hopefully once the catalog is done, you will be able to see the backup sets and restore from them.

Assigning the tapes to the Scratch media set shouldn't have hurt the data on the tapes.  If an Erase job was run, then the situation gets a lot worse, but the catalog job should have finished very quickly then.

I don't think that moving a tape to the Scratch media set would immediately delete the catalogs from disk, so I am a bit surprised that there ais a need to run a catalog job at all, but hopefully it will have good results.

disclaimer: I know nothing about backing up a Mac server, if that aspect matters.

Thanks for the reply. I left the Catalog running overnight and although it fail on error again, I was able to see the failed job and restore data from it.