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Recovering Partial .GHO File

I recently catured an image of a users HDD with Ghost 11.0.1. After examining the .GHO and .GHS files it doesnt seem like all of the data was captured, only 11.5GB contained in all the files. 

When i attempt to open the files with Ghost Explorer ( I can open the GHO file which lists the GHS files but when clicking on a GHS file and open...the window simply stays open nothing loads. Closing the open window reveals the below error.


Corruption in image file, or media not present. Not all files are shown

I havea a total of 5 GHS files, all of which fail to open and display this same error message. Is there anyway that i can recover any of the data? I know the caputure failed at some point but some data is still there or at least 15GB worth. Is there anyway that I can open these GHS files even ifs the main GHO file is incomplete or corrupt.




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Hiya, Ghost has its own forum


Ghost has its own forum listing & I would recommend you to post your query over here -