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Recovering data from backup exec 2010

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I am trying to help out a friend that experienced a HD crash on his windows 2008 server (running on a Dell Poweredge T110).  Looks like his bootable SAS disk is toast.  

He had been running a tape backup, presumably using Semantic Backup Exec 2010 SBS suite, which came bundled on the server.

With his server now dead, I'm trying to see if I can recover his data on my PowerEdge.  I recently installed his tape drive and that now checks out.

What I need now is a version of the Semantic SW that I can use to attempt recovery of this data.

WIll the trial version of backup exec 16 do the trick?  Or is there a way of getting the original sw and license to perform this recovery?   The server is out of support with Dell, and it doesn't appear that the semantic recovery software was shipped with the unit


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Hi, With active support you MIGHT be able to get the original software, but BE 16 should actually read the data. Put the tape in and run an Inventory job. Once done, run a Catalog job, and then start a restore job. Make sure the date range is correct, because for some or other reason, BE likes selecting random dates. Thanks!

Nothing is happening when I run the inventory and catalog.   I know the data on the tape is from fall/2016.  Could it be the date range you talked about?  Can't seem to find where I can affect those dates/

Also tried to copy the tape files to disk and use the "legacy" option.  Inventory shows no errors, but 0 bytes.  when I try to then catalog, get the error 0xe0000900 that the requested media is not listed in the media index.  tried to apply suggested fix of "unchecking storage-base catalogs".  still pretty sure the error here is because the inventory job, even though it completed, did nothing.  any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I did notice that Veritas added additional directories on the tape,  BEcontrol &  VERITAS - B2D

The original directory is still there, backup

Is it possible that the inventory is failing because it is looking for the .bfk files in the wrong place?

Should I simply move them under B2D using windows explorer?