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Recovering from a failed job in BE2012 - am I missing something

Hi All,

We are currently experiencing an issue where monthly tapes are not overwritten properly despite the policy being correct.

My scenario  and question is,

We have a GFS rotation in place, when it comes to the monthly backup it will fail with an "insert overwritable media" (a different issue not asked here).

With a library, is there any way you can insert obverwritable media?

The problem I am having is that if you insert overwritable media in the slot, backup exec does see it as an inventory on the library would have to be performed but I cannot do that as the monthly backup has started. The only way I can recover is to manually fail the monthly (manually double click into all 16 servers) and fail each one, then inventory the library, the edit all the jobs so the monthly occurs again that day, leave the monthly to run, then re-edit all the jobs so that they occur on the correct day again.

Surely there must be an easier way than this?

Any help much appreciated.


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Hi,   You need to specify a



You need to specify a mail slot which would allow you to import media. Simply removing an autoloader/library's tape cartridges and putting in tapes won't allow BE to see the media, even with an Inventory. The job would be running, and unless you had a spare drive doing nothing, that Inventory job wouldn't run.

If you import media, however, BE will do an automatic Inventory on that slot and then allow BE to see it.

Configure the mail slot on the library, and then configure the Import job within BE.

Check the link below:




Thanks very much, I will test

Thanks very much, I will test this the next time I have the issue.



BE well only recognize the

BE will only recognize the tape during import if it has a barcode label. If the tape does not have a barcode label, then you need to do an inventory after the import to get the tape recognized and this is not possible while the job is running

Thanks for the additional

Thanks for the additional info, the monthly is due tomorrow so I will check this.

FYI, the link was broken so I assume I will just have to right click the robotic library in question and choose import now?


No. You have to right-click

No. You have to right-click on the slot(s) that you want the tapes to be imported to, not the library