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Recovery All Media Information - Disaster Recovery

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help me?

I have a Windows server 2008 R2 that a few weeks ago and after some days of trying to fix hardware issues with raid controller it looks like the disks have been currupted too.

I have replaced the disks with new ones and have them configured the new OS and Backup Exec too, however I lost all media information, pool, jobs etc the backup exec is blank..

Unfortunately the backup was not set system state option!

I'm able to restore the drive C: from the old OS and the complete path from old backup exec.

My question is if there are a way to use these files in old file programs (C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec) to recovery the information lost?


We are using backup 12.5.

WIndows Server 2008 R2 x64

Thanks again for any help!


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You can copy the old Data and Catalog directories and replace the existing directories with them.  After that, restart all the BE services.

Do note that BE 12.5 is EOL.  You should upgrade to the latest version which is BE 16.