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Recovery problem


We are experiencing some problems with the Backup Exec 9 when starting a recovery process from the tape. 
Actually, we are running the software on a Dell PowerEdge PE2900 and a Certance Powervault 110T LTO2 device. 
The problem which we have now, occurred after we have changed the TBU because of malfunctioning of the old TBU unit.
Once we start the recovery, the job is being paused. At this point we need to right click the TBU unit in the software, click "Inventory" and then restart the job again.
This way we can do the recovery but the customer is afraid that this is just the beginning of an additional problem and want the problem to be solved.
Any advice please?

Thanks and kind regards, 


2 Replies

Please try the repair install

Please try the repair install of BE from the add remove programs and try it again. Also make sure you are using symantec drivers for the tape library or stand alone drive

When I replace a device,

When I replace a device, like-for-like, I generally run the Device Configuration Wizard again and reinstall the drivers. Even if the device is the same, there could be a different firmware revision on it for example.
Run the Device Configuration Wizard from within Backup Exec again, and then restart the services for good measure. Once done, try the restore/backup again.