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Redirect Restore Oracle on 11d and 12.5


Currently we are on BE 11d. Our main problem is that it is unable to redirect restore our Oracle server. I have checked everything, its compatibility, technotes 303911 and 302422 and even had Symantec support involved. I still receive the following error:

RMAN-06172: no autobackup found or specified handle is not a valid copy or piece

In the next week or so i am planning to migrate to BE 12.5. Does 12.5 have the same issue? I am actually getting cold feet because i have been at with Symantec support sicne January and everything recommended by Symantec has been given a shot but nothing seems to work.

I see people have had issues with Redirect Restore of Oracle. Has this issue been resolved? If yes then how? will migrating to 12.5 help me?

Hope to get a positive answer. Thank you

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 Yes I have the same issue

 Yes I have the same issue someone please help, it is really urgent!