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Reduce you cloud storage TCO with Backup Exec 16 FP2

Level 2

What are the key challenges with backing up to cloud?

  • Back-end storage costs – Storing multiple copies of the same data incurs unnecessary expenses
  • Bandwidth – Your network bandwidth is not sufficient to send all of your data offsite
  • Network costs – The more data you send across the network, the more bandwidth you will need
  • Security and Compliance – All data transmissions need to be secure

Reduce backend storage costs & increase storage efficiency
In-Line deduplication to a cloud storage backend such as AWS, AZURE or Google ensures that only unique data is being stored. Optimized replication only sends unique blocks that are not already stored on the remote volume.

Reduce backup costs & increase network efficiency
If you store less data, then you also send less data over the network which results in bandwidth savings. Whether a single file recovery or in case of a disaster, the least amount of data that is moved, the better the savings.

Scalable performance
Get the best data movement performance with compressed, multi-threaded upload and download of data to the cloud. Upload and download speeds can be throttled for any environment. On data that’s unique, its performance is bound by your storage or cloud bandwidth.

Ensure Security with Encryption
All data is encrypted using AES-256-CBC encryption and can be deployed for local or cloud data. This means that your data is secure from unwanted eyes.

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