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Reformatting Domain Controller + GC + 1st DNS Server

Hi All,

I've got one WIndows Server 2003 Std. x86 which I've installed BE 12.5, this server is running slow

the role of this server are:
  1. Domain Controller + Global Catalog
  2. Primary DNS Server
  3. Terminal Server
I've successfully selected any itmes under "System State" node when I initiate the backup, my questions are:

1. What sort of reinstallation approach should I do ? clean reinstall and then restore the System state data ?
2. No need to involve BE 12.5 in this matter as it would make things more complicated.

Please let me know which one is the best way for reinstalling the Server ?

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Reformatting Domain Controller + GC + 1st DNS Server

Good Morning,

I recently re-built my domain controller! Do you have another DC in you environment? As this would be so much easier if you did!

DC reformat

Hi Alan,

Yes I've transferred All FSMO role to the other Server (Server-B), I do have a secondary DNS and DC + GC (this server is currently running Exchange Server 2007 too).

at the moment this Server A couldn't run Windows Update and it has been installed soo many application which makes it slow.

So in this case the steps are as follows:

1. demote Server A
2. reformat it.
3. promote as DC + DNS
4. make it as GC

I found out that having all 5x FSMO roles in one server more convenient as my company only got one domain in a forest.


Planning the FSMO Transfer


As a matter of planning strategy, decide if this move is a short term fix, or part of a long term transfer of role. Another consideration is do you want all the roles on the same Domain Controller. The answer is probably not, for example, best practice suggests that the Infrastructure master should not be on a Global Catalog.

Your planning should also take into account the fact that each domain has its own RID, PDC and Infrastructure Master, while there is only one Schema and one Domain Naming Master for the entire Active Directory Forest.

Alan, So far our Serveris


So far our Serveris running ok with the current configuration, and it is simplifying the maintenance in case of Server A rebooted.
but what I'm afraid of is that the First DNS server demotion might fail in the middle of something then I'm in a very2 deep trouble :-( as it may render the whole company useless.