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Remote Administration Console not able to expand resources

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I’m posting this information in case anyone else runs into a similar problem. Windows Ent. Server 2008 SP2 64 Bit Backup Exec 12.5 SP3 - 64 Bit After patching my Server, I was no longer able to connect to or expand resources when connecting from my Remote Administration Console. After logging into the Backup Server without issues, I would try to expand the resources or view my favorite resources, I wasn’t able to see anything. When I would try to expand the Domain I would receive a generic communications error. I was unable to find any other errors in Event Viewer or anywhere else. Everything was working fine on the Local Server in that I was able to expand resources and select items for backup. All backup jobs continued to work normally as well. This problem was only affecting my Remote Administration Console. After searching and reviewing this thread. I started uninstalling patches until I was able to resolve the problem. I uninstalled the following Hotfixes in this order. 348110 340792 347786 346104 - I believe this one to have been the problem, as it started working correctly as soon as I uninstalled it, even without restarting the Backup Exec Services.

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My Experience : DO NOT install any Backup Exec update / Service Pack / Hotfix if the backups ar working fine, I had faced lot of issues with a single hotfix, at the end I have  to raise a change to uninstall the hotfix and the issue got resolved.

Have you tried to install the same patches on the remote admin computer?

I will try this..Install BE2010, install admin console and than patch the server and try to access BE through remote admin console....

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I totally agree with Dev T here,  Symantec will always release  new hotfixes, patches without doing proper testing and these new hotfixes will come along with some new issues.. and then again Symantec will again release new hotfixes to fix issues from these hotfixes and the cycle goes on...

It was not the case when it used to be Veritas, I have seen this happening after 11d release onwards..

I have still not upgraded my current setup to Bacup Exec 2010 even though it has some really nice features just because i am still afraid that it will affect my current backups..


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HF 346104 needs to be applied on the remote admin console as well. There were changes made to both the core product and remote admin console with that HF.

From the products applied list on
Affected versions
Backup Exec 12.5 revision 2213 32bit Remote Administration Console
Backup Exec 12.5 revision 2213 x64bit Remote Administration Console

This is also covered under

I'm sorry that DevT and tech29 feel the way they feel. Contrary to their statements, we do put forth a effort to QA and test every patch prior to its release. We try to document gotchas like there are with 352199 when they exist, however it's not common for us to test the expected behavior when one server is patched and the other is not.

It's also not common that we have patches that affect the Remote Admin Console, but we do from time to time make changes that affect the RAC.

Hope this information helps.