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Remote Agent not installing

Level 2
We have recently purchased 11D after using a different product for a couple of years. We only have 5 servers to backup so we purchased a Server license and 4 Remote Agent licenses.
The server license is installed on a W2K3 server and Remote Agent licenses are installed on 3 other servers, 2xW2K3 and 1xW2K DC. When I try and install the remote agent on the 4th sever, being a Windows 2000 DC, I am getting an error. I get an error whether I try and push it from the server, copy the installation files and run setupaa.cmd, or trying to run the msi file included in the remote agent installation files.
The error when running setupaa.cmd is:
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)...." and an Event ID 26 error appears in the event log.
When I try and push the install from the BE Server there is no install log to check and the push log has the following as its last entry:
->BE_CleanupFirewallExceptions called

Can anyone help as to why I can't get the agent installed?

Level 6

Try installing directly with the CD and run the Environment Chaeck Utility before installing to see possible errors (service packs, etc)


Level 6
Try stopping all programs from running and stop some unnecessary services such as www etc.

Level 6
Hello Peter,

What is the OS of the machine on which you want to install the agent?

If it is Win XP SP2 machine then please disable the firewall and then try push installing the agent.


Level 2
Sorry for the delay but I was pulled onto a project for a couple of months and have only just got back to this.

I am still having the problem. I have tried installing from the CD and it still fails with the same error. I have disabled antivirus and an inhouse app that are running on the server and still the error.

The server is running as Windows 2000 domain controller and has 3 license server services running on it. I can back up the server fine via ntbackup.exe.

Does anyone have any more thoughts on the problem?

Level 2
When you push the agent from the media server and receive the window to Enable the Remote Agent to publish information... DESELECT this option.

Level 2
Thanks, I tried that but the remote agent still won't install. There is no install log created and the last lines in the push log are:

1:(03/15/07 08:24:41)->Calling GetPrincipalSID:\\,AT\Administrator
1:(03/15/07 08:24:42)->BE_InstallObjects Finished.
1:(03/15/07 08:24:42)->BE_CreateInstallJob called.
1:(03/15/07 08:24:42)->BE_PushFiles called.
1:(03/15/07 08:24:55)->BE_CleanupFirewallExceptions called.

I'm at a loss what to try next.