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Remote Agent selections not available

Level 4
Hi I have one main backup server that is working correctly for all existing backups and currently backs up about 30 servers. The problem I have is that I am unable to install and use any additional backup exec remote agents for this server.

I run through the remote agent installation successfully from the server (also tried manual install) and this completes successfully and the service starts on the remote computer. The problem is that when I try to browse to the remote server in Backup exex backup selections screen all I see are the $ shares and they are greyed out so I can not select them. This occurs on all new servers that I install the backup exec agent on but all the existing servers work correctly and you can see their selection lists correctly.

To try to troubleshoot this problem I installed a second backup exec 10d sp1 media server and this new server can see the full selection list on all the remote servers so it appears that the agents are working correctly but the media server is not.

Is there anything that you can recommend to fix this problem.

The media server is backup exec 10d I have install all of the latest hotfixes onto the server and it has SP1.

Level 2
Hi James,

Have you rebooted the servers you have installed the remote agents on? Also have you checked to see if the Windows firewall is running on them? Lastly I would check the credentials that backup exec uses just to see if there is a problem there. If you've installed these agents on all the servers and none of them are communicating with your media server then check your network to see if the protocol that BE uses to communicate is being stopped. I can't think of anything else at present so good luck.

Level 4
Hi Chris

Thanks for your suggestions

I have rebooted all of the servers, disabled all windows firewalls and the agents are running as local server and the backup account that I am using is a domain admin account for the domain. The servers connect to the same gigabit switch and no ports are being blocked and they are on the same subnet. OS is 2003 std sp1.

The new test media server also in the same subnet and switch can see the remote agents and so I don't think it is a network issue but a configuration issue with our existing media server.


Level 6

Try creating a user defined selection and check whether you can see the partitions on the remote server.

Refer to:

How to create a user-defined selection in Backup Exec 9.x and 10.x for Windows Servers

Please run TCPView on the media server and check whether the port 10000 is used by beremote.exe.


Level 4
These are the results from running TCPview. I could not see any other entries for beremote.exe which appears to be listening on port 2588 and not 10000. Corpbackup2 is the name of our media server.


Level 6

It seems that port 10,000 is used by another application.

If this is the case then change the port for ndmp


Level 4
Thanks for your help. This has managed to solve my problem and I can now use the remote agent on my new servers.