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Remote Backup "Backup Exec Job Transaction" QNAP


This is more of a Backup Exec functionality question however:

Given the following (all located in different locations):

A: Windows 2008 R2 running Backup Exec 2014

B: QNAP NAS hosting Windows Shared Folders

C: QNAP NAS hosting Windows Shared Folders

I would like to backup the shared folders from remote QNAP NAS (B) and QNAP NAS (C). Shared files will be backed up from QNAP NAS (B) to QNAP NAS (C). Each QNAP NAS will hold the others backup media in this environment.

I will be using Windows Server 2008 R2 Backup Exec 2014 (A) to complete the task. My question is will (A) pull the backup media from (B) to itself and then push the media to (C)? or will Backup Exec 2014 move the data directly from (B) to (C) and not from (B) to (A) then to (C).

Looking to save bandwidth as you may have guessed.

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The backup data will flow

The backup data will flow from the client to the BE media server and then to the storage.

Having a NDMP-enabled filer with appropriate licensing/setup can allow the backup to go directly from the filer to storage bypassing the media server, though afaik, the QNAP NAS devices are not NDMP capable.



On top of VJware info, as you

On top of VJware info, as you are looking at reducing bandwidth you might need to be aware that backing up shares (CIFS level backups) is only supported for full backups because the mechanisms that monitor for incremental or differential changes are not available when accesssing file stores over shares. OK I know you have not mentioned incremental or differential but typically where there are concerns about bandwidth these types of backups are usually being considered.


It might be too late for your environment but one way around this limitaion for incrementals etc , is add the qnap devices as iSCSI volumes (if they support it) onto Windows servers. Configure the user and department shares from the windows servers, then install the windows agent on the servers for backups. However this will not address your data movement being via the media server condition asked in the original question