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I have 2 media servers of BE 10. For few days the console not opens splash screen appers plus console appears and disappear as the same moment with no error.

So I am using remote console from other machine. I have every thing fine on 1 server but on the other server when i try to open remote console and select the server.

It is asking for logon account every time. I enterd the account administrative one. but it will not accept when i cancel the logon wizard the console opens sucessfully.

Please help.
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Re: Remote Console

Hi Syed!

Have you tried putting all of your backup exec services to run under local system account and starting bews?


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Re: Remote Console

We have the similar problem since we installed the Microsoft Patch for October 2005 (those about Internet explorer).
We saw that the installed patches were from the "hotfix" side (RTMQFE) and not from the usual standard "general delivery" (RTMGDR).
You may read my other forum for more detail in this thead "Cannot Open BE10 after installing BE SP3 "
You may read at Microsoft about how to find if a specific xxx.dll on you PC is the RTMGDR or RTMQFE (making for us the same problem as you seeens to be havin
The status today in unchanged, We do not known how to resolve ou our productive machine (windows 2000 server SP4).
We expect ...
- that either a monthly microsoft delivery will "push" this problem everywhere (in the RTMGDR side) on the earth, then Veritas will have millions of users complaining,
or that Microsoft will push a better/corrected RTMQFE that will repair us...

So we are using a remote Console, installed on another machine