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Remote Selections Problem - Looking for a solution

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For several weeks now, I've been trying to fix a problem with Remote Selections in Backup Exec 10.d . So far, I've been unable to find any working solutions in the Knowledge base, and on the forums I find posts about more or less the same problem, but never any conclusive solutions. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Here's the situation:
1 fileserver w2k3 and one dedicated backup server w2k with Backup Exec 10d
they are in the same domain (neither of them is a DC) and on the same switch.

The problem:
in remote selections, the domain is visible. When I expand it, the other server is visible (amongst others) but it's completely grayed out (as are the others), not even expandable. Even a right-click on the server icon doesn't work like it's supposed to: it doesn't even display 'properties'.

The weirdness:
When I take a look in 'user definded selections, the server is available for selection, but the default admin shares are greyed out, only shared folders are available.
When I go on another w2k server in the domain (also with Backup exec) the same w2k3 server that was completely greyed out before, is perfectly available for selection.

As I can't use the other (working) w2k server, I tried to make a backup using 'user defined selections' and got following error message: "e0009418 - Access to a device was not authorized with this edition of Backup Exec." According to the KB, this is because I tried to backup an SQL DB, but don't have the license for it. Indeed, I don't have the license, but there is no SQL DB selected for backup.

I tried all sugestions from the KB and the forum, but I'm still stuck... any ideas?

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Is the remote agent installed on this server? Have you entered license for remote agent on media server?

Ensure that remote agent service is running on the remote server under local system account.

Do you get any error message while selecting the server?

Also check if the options "Enable selection of user shares" and "Enable selection of default shares" under Tools | Options | Network are selected.

Also refer:

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