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Remote agent does not respond on port 1026

Backup Exec 11d Sp5 Hot Fix 70

I recently encountered a problem with one server. In the backup log I get: "V-79-57344-65072 - The connection to target system has been lost. Backup set canceled."

Digging into it the problem seems to be when BackupExec Server tries to connect: backupserver:4942 <--> servertobackup:1026.

Logging on the servertobackup, I tried to telnet localhost 1026 and it DOES NOT work.

Telnetting 1025 and 10000 works well.

Why is port 1026 used ? How can I fix this ? I noticed that other servers are connected to through 1025 port (they also respond on 1026 tough..).

Tried to restart backupexec remote agent service and also the entire servertobackup .. with no luck.

Any help appreciated.

Best regards.

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Hi,   That port isn't on the



That port isn't on the list of ports that BE uses.

You might want to see if BE is using this port in a dynamic port range...check below and see if you can shift the range:



Hi Craig, It seems that the

Hi Craig,

It seems that the article is related to a situation when port 10000 has problem. But this is not the case.

I can succesfully telnet 10000 from beserver to servertobackup.

Under tools, options, job defaults, network security the port range is 1025-1050.

However that agent does not respond on 1026 where the server tries to connect and the job fails.

This is the log snippet:

Network control connection is established between beserver:4930 <--> servertobackup:10000
Network data connection is established between beserver:4942 <--> servertobackup:1026
The connection to target system has been lost. Backup set canceled.

Any help ?

Best regards!


...check that TN. Lower down

...check that TN. Lower down in it there are details on how to change the dynamic port range. There might be a clash on port 1026, so if you set the dynamic port range from 1027 to 1050 you should be fine.



By default Port 10000 (the

By default Port 10000 (the NDMP control port) is always listening on a remote agent and the BE media server then connects to that.


The ports in the dynamic port range are random and will only be seen as listening when BE is initiating a backup job. This dynamic ranghe uis used ot setup the NDMP Data port for each resouces and it is agreed via the control connection which port will be used, however only durign a backup process.


Restricting/adjusting the dynamic range of ports help control the choices of port for the NDMP data connection so you can use it to avoid ports tt seem to have issues (don't limie the range to too few - suggest a mimimum range of 30 but you may need more depending on the environment.)


Note software firewalls may need configuring if they are likely to block port access.