Remote agent install fails.

This weekend I upgraded from 11d to 12d on my current servers.  I then installed remote agent on a new server (HP DL380 G5, Windows 2003 R2 ADvanced, 16GB RAM).  Te remote agent service would not start.  I rebooted a number of times.  It wouldn't allow me to remove the software (because service was attempting to start) so I set the service to manual, rebooted and removed the remote agent (add/remove on local console). 


I rebooted and tried to install it again with the same results.  The service attmepts to start and sits there.  I came back after 4 hours and it finally failed, but the service manager still showed it trying to start.


Any suggestions? I might try to re-download the software hoping it was a bad installer.




I just tried to remove it again, and got a new error:


Error Applying transforms.  Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.


Please let me know what to try.

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Re: Remote agent install fails.

I fixxed the transforms issue.  I am back to the original service not starting issue.