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Remote agent problems part 2

I have installed BE 10 (+ Exchange agent + remote agent)
on one W2K SP4 adv server in a domain.
And I have installed remote agent on 2 NT4 servers in the same domain.
So far it is working good.
I have also 2 other servers in the same network, but this 2 server are in a workgroup.
We can call them server4 and server16.
I started on server4 and did a manual install
(setup.exe /rant32: -s - boot) and the services creates fine.
But then I want to select server4 from the mediaserver,
server4 showes only grayd out c:, and d:.
If I select properties on server4 I get the following:
Version:Not available

the other server in the same workgroup was no problem, I can select c: and d: and if I select properties on server16 I get the following:

That shall I do with my server4 to get c: and d: selectably??

* I can logon to server4 with the same account that I use in BE, I can connect with "net use" from the media server to server4.
* I have a remote licens.
* I have installed Remote agents on server4 several times and rebooted it after every step.

What shall I do to make this work???

Regards Mikael
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Re: Remote agent problems part 2


It may also happen if some other application is using port 10000. In order to isolate the issue try telnet to port 10000 and verify the results.

If some other application is using port 10000 then free the port by assigning another port to that application or assign Backup Exec another port. You will have to change all the media servers and remote servers port.

Please refer to the following technote:
- How to change the default port used by the VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.x Remote Agent for Windows Servers

We hope this will help.

Please update us on the issue so that If the issue still persists we can troubleshoot the issue further.

If we do not receive your intimation within two business days, this post would be presumed to be answered and will be marked as assumed answered and archived.


Re: Remote agent problems part 2

The problem is solved.
It was DNS and NAT problems.
Document ID:255500 solved it