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Remotely Managing Backup Exec from Your Home PC or Mobile Device during Covid-19

With the coronavirus continuing to wreak havoc to business plans and processes, businesses have no choice but to adjust. A large number of workforce is currently working-from-home as part of social distancing and to avoid contamination. However, this leaves businesses vulnerable to IT challenges and business continuity.

This moment is testing the metal of all IT groups (system admins, backup admins, virtual admins, etc) around the world to support an almost fully remote workforce, and perform all their routine system administration and data protection tasks from their home offices.

No one knows how long this will last, so this post will go through some tips on how to be more effective with Backup Exec at working remotely.

The good news is you can remotely access the Backup Exec machine from your Windows Laptop or PC, and even your Android or iOS device in a free, easy and secure way.

Option 1: Remotely managing Backup Exec from Your home PC/Laptop

It is also worth mentioning that Backup Exec has a feature called as Remote Administration Console which can be installed on most of the Windows operating system. The usual Backup Exec administration console seen after installation is the same used for remote console so working remotely is extremely easy for administrators.

Remote Administration Console is an application that adds remote console functionality to Backup Exec. It enables the Backup Exec administrator to access the Backup Exec console from remote windows system and perform console and device operations. It gives you exactly the same experience as that of the Backup Exec Administration console on a remote Windows system.

The Backup Exec Remote Administration Console offers a great option for administrators to manage their Backup Exec Server remotely from their laptops/pc. Personally, I found that the Remote Administration Console application is a MUST have feature for Backup Exec remote monitoring and management, and hope that you will too.

Option 2: Remotely managing Backup Exec from your Mobile Device

I want to introduce the Google's free Chrome Remote Desktop with which you can remote in into the Backup Exec computer from another desktop or a mobile device.

If you haven’t used the Google Chrome Remote Desktop in thepic2.jpg past, you can get started by enabling your Backup Exec machine for remote access through the Chrome Web Store. Next, simply launch the app on your iOS or Android device, tap on the computer’s name and start using your Backup Exec anywhere, anytime! Get the complete scoop in this blog by my good friend, @Srineet_BE (Srineet Sridharan):

This is exciting and what I especially like is that the Chrome Remote Desktop feature saves you from having to log on to your laptop everywhere just to briefly monitor the infrastructure or get a quick update on the backup/restore job status.

You can access all of Backup Exec's contents and even click around as if you were sitting right in front of it. I downloaded the iPad version and installed it, which was a straightforward process. I was up and running in no time at all.

Not even remotely difficult — right? I have tried both of these options myself and I must say that both are quick to set up, and dead-easy!

Covid-19 will change a lot of things for all of us. One change may be that we will all get better at working remotely, as individuals and as organizations, and I’ll keep highlighting tips which will make this change as seamless as possible for everyone.

Hope this is helpful. Stay safe - and healthy.

~ Varun


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