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Removing IMG files from RDX pre backup

Level 3


We use a pre command to remove IMG files from RDX disks, Exchange etc before backup starts as i believe normal B2D job's copes with this

Most of clients job's are single server type set up, and we use the pre command on the first job which wipes the IMG files, and has worked for us for years

We have a client with a new Hyper V set up and 2 guest vm's, we are having an issue getting the command to work.

We have tried testing manully with below script but doesnt seem to remove the files, doesnt make a lot of sense to me and a previous colleague sorted.

BUE pre script

for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir %1img* /b') do rd "%1%%i" /s /q  (saved as rdw.cmd)

c:\Configs\rdw.cmd "H:\" (H being the RDX drive) in the job pre command

I'm double checking the script on other clients, in case of error, or perhaps Server 2016/Hyper v is the issue.

Anyone with alternative way of doing it would be appreciated, at present i am removing the IMG manaully, not ideal if backup starts late (want to avoid erasing the lot, if client has forgotten to change disk, and previous backup was successful)



After running a one time test to see if IMG were removed, i watched them dissapear, but noticed it actually wipes the bkf files from within the VERITAS folder, i didnt expect this, as BUE would deal with these once expired anyway.

I aslo checked on another old SBS server with same script, and it also removed IMG plus BKF files, perhaps thats always been the case, and i did not realize.