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Renamed Administrator account

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Over a year or more I renamed the default administrator account on our Backup exec server, at the time I made all the changes in order to get backup exec running with the renamed administrator account. Everything seemed fine and the backup’s continued to run and work fine. Now we have a new requirement and need to encrypt all of the backups we make of one of our servers. I went to create a new encryption key but the issue is that the key is showing that it is “Created by (servername)\Administrator”. This is the default windows administrator account that I had renamed over a year ago. I have attached a screen shot showing what I mean. The real problem is I can’t assign the key to any backup jobs old or new ones.


I found one forum posting with the same problem but there was no solution and the discussion as now new posts in 6 months. Any help?


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Hi jkeane,

Just to double check:

-Are you current logon account (network>logon) owners is the new admin account or the old one?

-how about the BE services? Still running as old admin or new?