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Replacing a RAID with backup to disk folders--how should I move the data?

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How would I move the BKF files from an existing RAID to a new RAID?  Once the data is copied, the old RAID will be removed from service.

The RAID to be replaced is one of two 10 TB RAIDs.  I don't think I can let the back ups on RAID to be replaced overwrite time period expire without running out of space on the remaining RAID.



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1) Create a new disk storage on the now RAID

2) Duplicate the backup sets from the old RAID to the new RAID

3) Delete the disk storage on the old RAID.

Thanks for the reply.

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to configure BUE to duplicate all the media in a folder.  Am I missing an easy way to specify all the media in a folder or would I have to manually type in all the media in the folder/RAID?

What would happen if I used Windows to copy the data to a new RAID (on the same server, same OS, same BUE version and install) and deleted the old data?  I understand using Windows to copy can be a problem, but would have thought copying the media to a new disk and deleting the old media would prevent such problems.





So on the new media server, create a disk storage device. It will create a Disk storage folder. Copy all the contents over (not replacing the changer file and the other file). Once all has been copied, run an inventory and catalog job on the disk storage device.

Depending on the BE version, you can also copy the entire folder over and select to import legacy media and point it to the copied folder. Again run an inventory and catalog. Make sure this all works before deleting or decommissioning the old storage.