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Reports run on Backup Exec 11d

Level 2
I have tried to run some reports on my Windows server using Backup Exec 11d. When I run (for example) the "Backup Job Success Rate" report, I set it to look at my server and set the number of days (I've tried many, but mostly tried 4 days just to get data). The report comes up with the following:
Date                 Total Jobs            Successful                  Success Rate
8/22/2007                 1                         0                                 0.00%
I've checked the Job Monitor and it shows an incremental job completed with exceptions on that day. Does this report system not count completed with exceptions as successful? Also, it did not show the last full backup that was completed on 20 August. Anybody with experience in this aspect of the application to answer, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Message Edited by Vinnypie on 08-23-200712:44 PM


Level 3
I have the same problem. The report indicates 100% of success if the job is completed (with no exception) !
Is there a a solution other than exclude active files ?