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Request Channel Timed Out 00:09:59.9939994

Level 3

Hello I received an error "The request channel timmed out while waitingt for a replay after 00:09:59.9939994. I am receiving this error when trying to edit the backup properties of a server I am backing up. This error is not to a spefic server, but all of them. When the properties window opens nothing comes up in the server panel on left, just the error messge. I started having this error come up after installing SP2. I am also receiving a "request channel timed out" error when I try to delete backup sets from disk. All my backups are backed up to disk. All my jobs are running fine. I as of now am just looking for a fix for the 00:09:59.9939994 error, I will create a new thread for my backup sets error. I just wanted to include this bit of information.

I am running server 2008R2 64bit. Backup exec 2012 with SP2 installed, all my backuped are B2D there is no tape drive involed.


BE Error 10-14-2013_0.jpg


Level 3

In testing some more, the numbers are changing when I try to edit the backup properies on a server. they went from 9939994 to 9949997 to 9969997 and 9969998. So the error message is the same it is just the numbers are channging. I do not know if this helps at all but just wanted to post it.